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Client information workers





Client information workers provide or obtain information in person, by telephone or electronic means such as email in connection with making travel arrangements, describing the products or services of an organization, registering and greeting guests and visitors, making appointments, connecting telephone calls and collecting information from survey respondents or applicants for services.
Tasks performed usually include: preparing itineraries and making travel and hotel reservations for clients; greeting and receiving clients and visitors; registering accommodation guests; providing information concerning the goods, services or policies of an organization; making appointments; operating a telephone switchboard; interviewing survey respondents and applicants for eligibility.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
4221 Travel Consultants and Clerks
4222 Contact Centre Information Clerks
4223 Telephone Switchboard Operators
4224 Hotel Receptionists
4225 Inquiry Clerks
4226 Receptionists (general)
4227 Survey and Market Research Interviewers
4229 Client Information Workers Not Elsewhere Classified

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