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Upholsterers and related workers





Upholsterers and related workers install, repair and replace upholstery of furniture, fixtures, orthopaedic appliances, seats, panels, convertible and vinyl tops and other furnishings of automobiles, railway coaches, aircraft, ships and similar items with fabric, leather, rexine or other upholstery material. They also make and repair cushions, quilts and mattresses.
Tasks include -
(a) discussing upholstery fabric, colour and style with customers and providing cost estimates for upholstering furniture or other items;
(b) making upholstery patterns from sketches, customer descriptions or blueprints;
(c) laying out, measuring and cutting upholstery materials following patterns, templates, sketches or design specifications;
(d) installing, arranging and securing springs, padding and covering material to furniture frames;
(e) sewing upholstery materials by hand to seam cushions and joining sections of covering materials;
(f) sewing rips or tears in material, or creating tufting, using needle and thread;
(g) tacking, gluing or sewing ornamental trims, buckles, braids, buttons and other accessories to covers or frames on upholstered items;
(h) laying out, cutting, fabricating and installing upholstery in aircrafts, motor vehicles, railway cars, boats and ships;
(i) repairing raw hide coverings of artificial limbs;
(j) renovating antique furniture using a variety of tools including ripping chisels, magnetic hammers and long needles;
(k) collaborating with interior designers to decorate rooms and coordinate furnishing fabrics;
(l) making quilts, cushions and mattresses.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Furniture upholsterer
- Mattress maker
- Orthopaedic upholsterer
- Vehicle upholsterer

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Sewing machine operator - 8153

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