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Garment and related trades workers





Garment and related trades workers fit, alter and repair tailored clothing; design and make textile and fur garments and leather or fur products; repair, renovate and decorate garments, gloves and other textile products; create patterns for garments; install, repair and replace upholstery of furniture, fixtures, orthopaedic appliances and furnishings of automobiles; trim, scrape, tan, buff and dye animal hides, pelts or skins; modify and repair footwear and leather articles.
Tasks performed usually include: fitting, altering and repairing tailored clothing; designing and making made-to-measure clothing from textile fabrics, light leather and other materials, or making hats or wigs; making garment style changes; creating precision master patterns for production of garments and other textile, leather or fur products; sewing together, joining, darning, repairing, renovating and decorating garments, gloves and other products of textile, fur, light leather and other materials; fabricating and assembling sails, awnings and tarpaulins; installing, repairing and replacing upholstery of furniture, fixtures, orthopaedic appliances, seats, panels and other furnishings of automobiles, railway coaches, aircraft, ships and similar items; trimming, scraping, cleaning, tanning, buffing and dyeing animal hides, pelts or skins to produce leather stock and finished furs for making garments and other products; making, modifying and repairing standard, custom-made or orthopaedic footwear and natural or synthetic leather articles.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
7531 Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and Hatters
7532 Garment and Related Patternmakers and Cutters
7533 Sewing, Embroidery and Related Workers
7534 Upholsterers and Related Workers
7535 Pelt Dressers, Tanners and Fellmongers
7536 Shoemakers and Related Workers

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