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ESCO Quick Start Guide

Technical documentation
ESCO Publications

This document is part of internal ESCO publications designed to enhance stakeholders' understanding, use and development of ESCO. 

STart guide

"ESCO Quick Start Guide 2022" introduces users to the European Skills, Competences, and Occupations (ESCO) classification.

The guide explains the importance of ESCO in standardizing job roles and skills across countries, thereby enhancing transparency, mobility, and comparability within Europe. The document outlines the main use cases of ESCO, including job matching, career guidance, and labor market research. It highlights ESCO's role in connecting individuals with suitable employment opportunities, bridging the gap between education/training and the labor market, and facilitating data analysis on skills and occupations.

The guide provides instructions on how to navigate and utilize ESCO through the online classification portal, downloading datasets, and using the provided APIs (both local and web-based). 

Quick starter guide 01102022
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