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Chemici (kromě chemického inženýrství)





Chemists conduct research, improve or develop concepts, theories and operational methods, or apply scientific knowledge relating to chemistry, to develop new knowledge or products and for quality and process control.
Tasks include -
(a) conducting research and improving or developing concepts, instruments, theories and operational methods related to chemistry;
(b) conducting experiments, tests and analyses to investigate chemical composition and energy and chemical changes in various natural or synthetic substances, materials and products;
(c) developing procedures for environmental control, quality control and various other procedures for manufacturers or users;
(d) conducting programmes of sample and data collection and analysis to identify and quantify environmental toxicants;
(e) participating in interdisciplinary research and development projects working with chemical engineers, biologists, microbiologists, agronomists, geologists or other professionals;
(f) using micro-organisms to convert substances into new compounds;
(g) determining ways to strengthen or combine materials or develop new materials.
(h) reproducing and synthesizing naturally occurring substances and creating new artificial substances;
(i) preparing scientific papers and reports.
Example of the occupations classified here:
- Chemist
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Biochemist - 2131
- Pharmacologist - 2131
- Pharmacist - 2262

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