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Specialisté v oblasti výchovy a vzdělávání





Teaching professionals teach the theory and practice of one or more disciplines at different educational levels; conduct research; improve or develop concepts, theories and operational methods pertaining to their particular discipline; and prepare scholarly papers and books. Competent performance in most occupations in this sub-major group requires skills at the fourth ISCO skill level.
Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: conducting classes, courses, or tutorials at a particular educational level for educational and vocational purposes, including private lessons; conducting adult literacy programmes; teaching and educating persons with learning difficulties or special needs; designing and modifying curricula; inspecting and advising on teaching methods and aids; participating in decisions concerning the organization of teaching and related activities at schools and universities; conducting research in particular subjects to improve or develop concepts, theories or operational methods for application in industrial and other fields; preparing scholarly papers and books. Supervision of other workers may be included.
Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into the following minor group:
231 University and Higher Education Teachers
232 Vocational Education Teachers
233 Secondary Education Teachers
234 Primary School and Early Childhood Teachers
235 Other Teaching Professionals

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