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Řidiči nákladních automobilů, tahačů a speciálních vozidel





Heavy truck and lorry drivers drive and tend heavy motor vehicles to transport goods, liquids and heavy materials over short or long distances.
Tasks include -
(a) driving and tending a heavy motor vehicle, such as a lorry with or without trailer or a dump-truck, to transport goods, liquids or heavy materials over short or long distances;
(b) determining the most appropriate routes;
(c) ensuring that goods are stowed and securely covered to prevent loss and damage;
(d) assisting with or carrying out loading or unloading operations, using various lifting or tipping devices;
(e) carrying out minor maintenance to vehicles, and arranging major maintenance and repairs;
(f) estimating weights to comply with load limitations, and ensuring the safe distribution of weights.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Concrete mixer driver
- Garbage truck driver
- Heavy truck driver
- Road train driver
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Van driver - 8322

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