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Odborní pracovníci v oblasti pojišťovnictví, obchodní zástupci, nákupčí a obchodní makléři





Sales and purchasing agents and brokers represent companies, governments and other organizations to buy and sell commodities, goods, insurance, shipping and other services to industrial, professional, commercial or other establishments, or act as independent agents to bring together buyers and sellers of commodities and services.
Tasks performed usually include obtaining information about employers’ and competitors’ goods and services; monitoring and analysing market trends and conditions; obtaining information about clients’ needs and identifying suitable products and services; explaining and demonstrating products and services to clients; negotiating prices, contracts, terms, conditions and shipping arrangements for purchase or sale of goods, services or commodities.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
3321 Insurance Representatives
3322 Commercial Sales Representatives
3323 Buyers
3324 Trade Brokers
Sales managers are classified in Minor Group 122: Sales, Marketing and Development Managers. Technical, medical and ICT sales professionals are classified in Minor Group 243: Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Professionals. Securities and finance dealers are classified in Minor Group 331: Financial and Mathematical Associate Professionals.

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