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Toolmakers and related workers make and repair custom-made and specialized tools, sports guns, locks, dies, patterns, machinery components and other metal articles using hand and machine tools to work metal to fine tolerances.
Tasks include -
(a) reading and interpreting engineering drawings and specifications of tools, dies, prototypes or models;
(b) preparing templates and sketches, and determining work processes;
(c) visualizing and computing dimensions, sizes, shapes and tolerances of assemblies, based on specifications;
(d) positioning, securing and measuring metal stock or castings to lay out for machining;
(e) setting up, operating and maintaining conventional and computer numerically controlled machine tools to cut, turn, mill, plane, drill, bore, grind or otherwise shape work pieces to prescribed dimensions and finish;
(f) fitting and assembling parts to make and repair jigs, fixtures and gauges;
(g) repairing and modifying sports guns and other small arms;
(h) making, fitting, assembling, repairing and installing lock parts and locks;
(i) making and repairing metal patterns for preparation of foundry moulds;
(j) laying out lines and reference points on metal stock to guide other workers who cut, turn, mill, grind or otherwise shape metal;
(k) verifying dimensions, alignments and clearances of finished parts for conformity with specifications, using precision measuring instruments and testing completed items for proper operation.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Die maker
- Gunsmith
- Jig maker
- Locksmith
- Patternmaker
- Toolmaker
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Tool production machine operator - 7223

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