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Obsluha parních turbín, kotlů a příbuzných zařízení





Steam engine and boiler operators maintain and operate various types of steam engines, boilers, turbines and auxiliary equipment to provide power and other utility services for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, at work sites and aboard ships or self-propelled vessels.
Tasks include -
(a) operating, cleaning, lubricating and monitoring steam engines, boilers and auxiliary equipment such as pumps, compressors and air-conditioning equipment to supply and maintain steam and power for buildings, marine vessels or pneumatic tools;
(b) analysing and recording instrument readings, troubleshooting and performing minor repairs to prevent equipment or system failure;
(c) monitoring and inspecting performance of equipment for efficient operation and ensuring that boiler water, chemicals and fuel are maintained at required levels;
(d) firing coal furnaces by hand or with stokers and gas- or oil-fed boilers, using automatic gas feeds or oil pumps;
(e) testing boiler water quality or arranging for testing, adjusting and taking necessary corrective action, such as adding chemicals to prevent corrosion and harmful deposits;
(f) monitoring ship’s engine, machinery and equipment indicators, recording variables and reporting abnormalities to the ship’s engineer officer on watch;
(g) operating and maintaining off-loading liquid pumps and valves.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Boiler tender
- Ship’s boiler operator
- Stationary engineer
- Steam engine operator
- Stoker
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Ship’s engineer - 3151
- Stationary engine fitter - 7233

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