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Stonemasons, stone cutters, splitters and carvers cut and shape hard and soft stone blocks and slabs for the construction and maintenance of stone structures and monumental masonry, and carve designs and figures in stone.
Tasks include -
(a) driving wedges into quarried stone to break it into slabs or blocks;
(b) selecting and grading slabs and blocks of granite, marble and other stone;
(c) cutting, shaping and finishing building and monumental stone such as granite or marble using hand tools or hand-held power tools;
(d) making patterns and marking shapes on stone for subsequent sawing, planing, drilling and other dressing and cutting operations;
(e) cutting and carving characters, figures or designs on stone blocks used for monuments or memorials;
(f) setting stone in the erection of monuments and memorials;
(g) repairing and replacing stonework on old buildings, churches and monuments.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Granite cutter
- Stone carver
- Stone cutter
- Stone polisher (hand or hand-powered tools)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Wall and floor tile setters - 7122
- Machine operator (stone cutting or processing) - 8112

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