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Other elementary workers deliver and carry messages and packages; perform a variety of simple maintenance and repair tasks; collect money and stock vending machines; read meters; collect water and firewood; and collect and issue tickets for parking or events.
Tasks performed usually include: chopping wood, collecting water and firewood; cleaning and maintaining buildings, grounds and facilities; delivering messages, packages and other items within or between establishments, or elsewhere; performing duties as a post-runner; issuing and collecting tickets and passes; calculating parking charges; filling storage areas of vending machines and collecting money from containers; reading electricity, gas or water meters and recording consumption.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
9621 Messengers, Package Deliverers and Luggage Porters
9622 Odd-job Persons
9623 Meter Readers and Vending-machine Collectors
9624 Water and Firewood Collectors
9629 Elementary Workers Not Elsewhere Classified

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