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General office clerks perform a range of clerical and administrative tasks according to established procedures.
Tasks include -
(a) recording, preparing, sorting, classifying and filing information;
(b) sorting, opening and sending mail;
(c) photocopying and faxing documents;
(d) preparing reports and correspondence of a routine nature;
(e) recording issue of equipment to staff;
(f) responding to telephone or electronic inquiries or forwarding to appropriate person;
(g) checking figures, preparing invoices and recording details of financial transactions made;
(h) transcribing information onto computers, and proofreading and correcting copy.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- General office clerk
- Office clerk
In distinguishing the work of general office clerks from that of workers classified in Unit Group 4120: Secretaries (general), it should be noted that the work of secretaries is primarily concerned with the transcription, formatting and processing of correspondence and other documentation. Whilst general office clerks may perform some work of this nature, the transcription and processing of documentation is not the main focus of the work.

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