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Bediener von Anlagen zur Zellstoff- und Papierherstellung





Pulp and papermaking plant operators monitor and operate equipment to process wood, pulp and other cellulose materials in the production of pulp and to produce coat and finish paper.
Tasks include -
(a) operating and monitoring screening and bleaching equipment, digesters, mixing tanks, washers and other pulp processing machinery and equipment to carry out one or more cellulose processing steps;
(b) operating and monitoring papermaking and finishing process machinery and equipment to dry, calender, laminate, coat, slit, trim, wind or carry out other papermaking and finishing process steps;
(c) controlling start-up and shut-down of machinery and equipment, and observing equipment and machinery panel indicators, gauges and other equipment to detect machinery and equipment malfunctions and ensure that process steps are carried out according to specifications;
(d) communicating with process control operators to make process adjustments and to start up or shut down machinery and equipment as required;
(e) analysing instrument readings and production test samples and making adjustments to the production process and equipment as required;
(f) mounting, positioning and threading paper rolls using a hoist;
(g) inspecting paper visually for wrinkles, holes, discoloration, streaks or other defects, and taking corrective action;
(h) completing and maintaining production reports.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Calender operator (pulp and paper)
- Pulp and paper grinder operator
- Repulper operator
- Sheeter operator (pulp and paper)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Paper pulp refinery operator - 3139
- Pulping control operator - 3139
- Pulping technician - 3139

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