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Schutzkräfte und Sicherheitsbedienstete, anderweitig nicht genannt



This unit group covers protective services workers not classified elsewhere in Minor Group 541: Protective Services Workers. For instance, the unit group includes lifeguards, crossing guards and animal control officers.
Tasks include -
(a) patrolling beaches and swimming pools to prevent accidents and to rescue bathers from drowning;
(b) monitoring traffic flow to locate safe gaps through which pedestrians can cross streets;
(c) responding to citizen complaints concerning stray domestic animals, livestock and wildlife, issuing warnings and citations to owners and impounding lost, homeless and dangerous animals;
(d) patrolling an assigned area to enforce parking regulations;
(e) directing traffic.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Animal control officer
- Beach patrolman/woman
- Crossing guard
- Game warden
- Lifeguard
- Traffic warden
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Doorkeeper - 5414
- Museum guard - 5414
- Watchman/woman - 5414


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