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Τεχνικοί επιστημών φυσικής και μηχανικής





Physical and engineering science technicians perform technical tasks to aid in research on and the practical application of concepts, principles and operational methods particular to physical sciences including such areas as engineering, technical drawing or economic efficiency of production processes.
Tasks performed usually include: undertaking and carrying out technical work related to chemistry, physics, geology, meteorology, astronomy, engineering or technical drawing; setting up, operating, and maintaining laboratory instruments and equipment; monitoring experiments, making observations, and calculating and recording results; preparing materials for experimentation; conducting tests of systems; collecting and testing samples; recording observations and analysing data; preparing, revising and interpreting technical drawings, wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams or layout drawings.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
3111 Chemical and Physical Science Technicians
3112 Civil Engineering Technicians
3113 Electrical Engineering Technicians
3114 Electronics Engineering Technicians
3115 Mechanical Engineering Technicians
3116 Chemical Engineering Technicians
3117 Mining and Metallurgical Technicians
3118 Draughtspersons
3119 Physical and Engineering Science Technicians Not Elsewhere Classified

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