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Υπάλληλοι χορήγησης κρατικών αδειών





Government licensing officials examine applications for licences to export or import goods, set up businesses, build houses or other structures or to obtain passports, determine eligibility of applications for issuing licences or passports, and identify specific conditions or restrictions to be attached to licences issued, referring exceptional or important cases to senior government officials or managers.
Tasks include -
(a) advising individuals on government laws and regulations concerning the type of licence required and the conditions attached to such licences, and on the public’s rights and obligations;
(b) examining applications and relevant documents and determining whether a licence can be granted and the conditions which should be attached;
(c) examining applications and approving the issue of passports;
(d) performing related administrative tasks to process applications, document activities, evaluations and determinations, and to prepare correspondence to inform applicants of licensing decisions;
(e) administering and scoring tests required to license applicants.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Building permit (licensing) officer
- Business permit (licensing) officer
- Licensing officer
- Passport officer (issuing)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Building inspector - 3112
- Fire inspector - 3112

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