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Ρυθμιστές και ρυθμιστές-χειριστές εργαλειομηχανών κατεργασίας μετάλλων



Metal working machine tool setters and operators set and/or operate various machine tools, working to fine tolerances.
Tasks include -
(a) setting one or more types of machine tool for production of metal articles in standardized series;
(b) operating and monitoring metal working machines such as lathes, milling, planing, boring, drilling, grinding or honing machines, including multipurpose numerically controlled metal working machines;
(c) performing similar tasks when machining plastics and other metal substitutes;
(d) observing machine operations to detect work piece defects or machine malfunctions, and adjusting machines as necessary;
(e) inspecting work pieces for defects, and measuring work pieces to determine accuracy of machine operation, using rules, templates or other measuring instruments;
(f) changing worn machine accessories such as cutting tools and brushes, using hand tools.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Boring machine operator
- Casting machine operator
- Machine tool operator
- Machine tool setter
- Machine tool setter-operator
- Metal turner
- Rivet production machine operator
- Tool production machine operator

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