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Conference "ESCO: Connecting people and jobs"

The Commission has organised the conference “ESCO: connecting people and jobs” on 9-10 October 2017 in Brussels. The event brought together around 250 stakeholders from employment and education, who got a better insight into how the ESCO classification works, how it is being used in concrete applications and across use cases and how it fits into the wider landscape of policies for employment and education in Europe.

As shown in the ESCO conference agenda, the event addressed these points in a variety of sessions such as workshops, showcases, academic talks, keynote speeches and panel discussions. The first day of the conference put the spotlight on how ESCO works in practice. Working sessions and showcases demonstrated the functionality and use of ESCO through different pilot projects. The presentations for each session are accessible below:


Additionally, policy-makers, business leaders, social partners and academics shared their perspectives on how the labour and learning markets are changing, be it in the way recruitment is conducted or in the nature of jobs themselves and how our societies can best prepare for these upcoming transformations.

The summary of the event and the pictures from the conference can be found on the ESCO portal.