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Dieticians and nutritionists





Dieticians and nutritionists assess, plan and implement programmes to enhance the impact of food and nutrition on human health.
Tasks include -
(a) instructing individuals, families and communities on nutrition, the planning of diets and preparation of food to maximize health benefits and reduce potential risks to health;
(b) planning diets and menus, supervising the preparation and serving of meals, and monitoring food intake and quality to provide nutritional care in settings offering food services;
(c) compiling and assessing data relating to health and nutritional status of individuals, groups and communities based on nutritional values of food served or consumed;
(d) planning and conducting nutrition assessments, intervention programmes, and education and training to improve nutritional levels among individuals and communities;
(e) consulting with other health professionals and care providers to manage the dietary and nutritional needs of patients;
(f) developing and evaluating food and nutrition products to meet nutritional requirements;
(g) conducting research on nutrition and disseminating the findings at scientific conferences and in other settings.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Clinical dietician
- Food service dietician
- Nutritionist
- Public health nutritionist
- Sports nutritionist

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