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Broadcasting and audiovisual technicians





Broadcasting and audiovisual technicians control technical functioning of equipment to record and edit images and sound and for transmitting radio and television broadcasts of images and sounds, as well as other types of telecommunication signals on land, sea or in aircraft.
Tasks include -
(a) controlling equipment to record sound;
(b) controlling equipment to edit and mix image and sound recordings to ensure satisfactory quality and to create special image and sound effects;
(c) applying knowledge of principles and practices of image and sound recording and editing in order to identify and solve problems;
(d) controlling transmitting and broadcast systems and satellite systems for radio and television programmes;
(e) controlling radio communications systems, satellite services and multiplex systems on land, sea or in aircraft;
(f) applying knowledge of principles and practices of broadcasting, telecommunications terminals and transmissions systems in order to identify and solve problems;
(g) making emergency repairs to equipment.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Audiovisual operator
- Broadcasting equipment operator
- Broadcasting technician
- Camera operator (motion picture)
- Camera operator (video)
- Production assistant (media)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Photographer - 3431

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