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Audiologists and speech therapists





Audiologists and speech therapists evaluate, manage and treat physical disorders affecting human hearing, speech, communication and swallowing. They prescribe corrective devices or rehabilitative therapies for hearing loss, speech disorders and related sensory and neural problems, and provide counselling on hearing safety and communication performance.
Tasks include -
(a) evaluating hearing, speech and language performance in patients to determine the nature of hearing and communication disorders;
(b) administering hearing or speech/language tests or other examinations using specialized diagnostic instruments and equipment, and interpreting test results alongside other medical, social and behavioural diagnostic data to determine appropriate courses of treatment;
(c) planning, directing and participating in counselling, screening, speech rehabilitation and other programmes related to hearing and communication;
(d) prescribing hearing aids and other assistive devices according to patients’ needs and instructing them in their use;
(e) planning and conducting treatment programmes to manage physical disorders affecting speech and swallowing;
(f) counselling and guiding hearing and/or language-impaired individuals, their families, teachers and employers;
(g) referring patients and families to additional medical or educational services if needed.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Audiologist
- Language therapist
- Speech pathologist
- Speech therapist

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