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Roofers build and repair roofs on all types of buildings, using one or more kinds of material.
Tasks include -
(a) studying drawings, specifications and construction sites to determine materials required;
(b) covering roof frameworks with slate and prefabricated tiles to cover pitched roofs;
(c) laying a waterproof shield and fixing metallic or synthetic materials to a building’s frame;
(d) sizing and cutting roofing materials to fit around edges, corners and protuberances such as chimneys;
(e) using natural materials such as thatching to provide roof coverings;
(f) creating temporary structures such as scaffolding and ladders.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Asphalt roofer
- Metal roofer
- Roof fixer
- Roof tiler
- Slate roofer
- Thatcher
Installers of metal roofing are classified in Unit Group 7121: Roofers. Workers who make sheet metal products for adaptation and installation by roofers are classified in Unit Group 7213: Sheet Metal Workers.

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