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Street and related service workers





Street and related services workers provide a variety of services on streets and in other public places, including cleaning shoes, washing car windows, running errands, handing out leaflets, looking after property, and providing other on-the-spot street services.
Tasks include -
(a) obtaining the materials necessary to perform services;
(b) approaching people on the street to offer services;
(c) cleaning and polishing shoes;
(d) cleaning and polishing car windows;
(e) running errands;
(f) assisting car drivers to find a parking place and ensuring that the car is not damaged during the driver’s absence;
(g) handing out leaflets and free newspapers;
(h) receiving immediate payment.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Car window washer
- Car guard
- Errand boy
- Free newspaper distributor
- Leaflet distributor
- Shoe-polisher

Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Service station attendant - 5245
- Leaflet and newspaper deliverer - 9621

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