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homelessness worker





Homelessness workers provide on-the-spot assistance, counselling and advice to people who have housing problems or live on the streets. They present them with services available to homeless people starting from hostel vacancies to financial aid services. They may have to cope with persons with mental health problems, addictions or victims of domestic or sexual abuse.

Alternative Labels

homelessness guidance worker

housing options and advice worker

homelessness support worker

homelessness social worker

homeless care worker

homeless support worker

homelessness case worker

homeless advice worker

homeless guidance worker

homelessness care worker

homelessness worker

homelessness advice worker

homelessness team worker

advice and guidance worker, homelessness

homeless case worker

homeless social worker

homeless team worker

Regulatory Aspect

To see if and how this occupation is regulated in EU Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland please consult the Regulated Professions Database of the Commission. Regulated Professions Database:

Skills & Competences