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metal products assembler





Metal products assemblers fit and fasten metal materials according to strictly laid down procedures in order to produce various parts or final products using power tools, hand tools, and other machinery.

Scope note

Excludes people performing assembly of electronic, electrical or mechanical elements.

Alternative Labels

metal fabricating operative

metal product assembler and fabricator

fabricator assembler metal products


fabrication apprentice

fabrication assembler metal products

fabricator assembly operator

structural fabricator

light assembly operative

fabricator assembler

fabricator assembly operative

metal product assembler

fabrication assistant

structural fabrication operator

product assembler

light assembly worker

assembly technician

metal product fabricator

metal fabrication apprentice

fabrication assembler

production worker

metal products assembler

production line worker

fabrication operator

Regulatory Aspect

To see if and how this occupation is regulated in EU Member States, EEA countries or Switzerland please consult the Regulated Professions Database of the Commission. Regulated Professions Database: