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assemble microelectromechanical systems



Build microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) using microscopes, tweezers, or pick-and-place robots. Slice substrates from single wafers and bond components onto the wafer surface through soldering and bonding techniques, such as eutectic soldering and silicon fusion bonding (SFB). Bond the wires through special wire bonding techniques such as thermocompression bonding, and hermetically seal the system or device through mechanical sealing techniques or micro shells. Seal and encapsulate the MEMS in vacuum.

Alternative Labels

assemble microelectromechanical systems

microsystems assembling

MEMS assembling

microelectromechanical system assembling

assembling microsystems

assembling MEMS

microelectromechanical systems assembling

assemble MEMS

assembling microelectromechanical systems