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microelectromechanical systems



Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are miniaturised electromechanical systems made using processes of microfabrication. MEMS consist of microsensors, microactuators, microstructures, and microelectronics. MEMS can be used in a range of appliances, such as ink jet printer heads, digital light processors, gyroscopes in smart phones, accelerometers for airbags, and miniature microphones.

Alternative Labels

miniaturised electro-mechanical systems

typology of microelectromechanical systems

micro-electro-mechanical systems

typology of miniaturised electromechanical systems

types of miniaturised electro-mechanical systems

types of microelectromechanical systems

types of miniaturised electromechanical systems

types of MEMS

microelectromechanical systems

typology of MEMS

typology of miniaturised electro-mechanical systems


miniaturised electromechanical systems

typology of micro-electro-mechanical systems

types of micro-electro-mechanical systems