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motor vehicles, ships and aircraft



Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft is the study of designing, developing, producing, maintaining, diagnosing faults in, repairing and servicing motor vehicles, including earth moving equipment and agriculture machines, ships, trains and aircraft. Typical is the combination of studies in both metal structures and motors.
Programmes and qualifications with the following main content are classified here:
Aerospace engineering
Aircraft engineering
Aircraft maintenance
Automotive electrical systems
Automotive engineering
Marine engineering
Motorcycle engineering
Panel beating
Train repair and maintenance
Vehicle building and repairing
Vehicle varnishing/spraying

=== Inclusions
Study of vehicle electrical systems is included here.

=== Exclusions
Study of producing and repairing non-motorised vehicles is excluded from this detailed field and included in 0715 'Mechanics and metal work' (e.g. bicycles) or 0722 'Materials (glass, paper, plastic, wood)' (e.g. non-motor boats).

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