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The Adecco Group

About Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is a multi-brand platform of HR and workforce solutions, which brings together, a variety of services to communicate with institutions, organizations, governments and companies with specific competencies. Their clients is composed by small, medium, large and multinational organisations in a wide variety of business areas in 60 countries. 

Key services

Their key services are the following:

  • Staffing (temporary and permanent)
  • Training and Education
  • HR Consultancy
  • Assessment & development
  • School & Universities Partnership


Benefits of ESCO

They find ESCO a powerful tool because:

  • it gathers updated descriptions of occupations
  • it aligns job categories, job descriptions and skills at European level in The Adecco Group countries
  • they can leverage on ESCO to define new business models based on the predictive analysis on new professions and emerging skills
  • it enriches recruiters know-how by sharing ESCO information and methodology
  • takes advantage of the labor market analysis
  • it is the source and dataset for The Adecco Group Employability Platform “Phyd” 


The Adecco Group