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About Ariston

Ariston is a software company specializing in the design of psychometric tests since 1991. The Ariston Psychometric Series of tests are based on human knowledge regarding personality types, special aptitudes and abilities, talent diagnosis & management, occupational & career guidance, personnel assessment – selection – development, productivity potential, vocational counselling, etc.

Their main customers are universities, schools, private and public sector organisations, including the Ministry of Education of Cyprus, University of Athens, University of Nicosia, VOLVO, Vodafone and the European Investment Bank, among others.

Their activity spans across all European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, U.S.A. and the Arab countries (Dubai, Egypt, etc.). In all the mentioned countries, Ariston Psychometric Series have been standardized.

They use ESCO for online psychometric matching of people to jobs, for re-skilling and up-skilling activities, occupational guidance and personal and career development.

Key services

The Ariston Series of Psychometric Tests offer services in the areas of:

  • Human resources management,
  • Personnel assessment & selection,
  • Occupational guidance & Vocational counselling,
  • Career reassessment
  • Personal development
  • Career development

Benefits of ESCO

The ARISTON Expert System analyses the ESCO occupations, in order to retrieve those that are closely related to the personality of an individual, taking into consideration aptitudes – abilities, preferences, and special skills, as defined in the ESCO database.

They benefit from ESCO because:

  • ESCO offers analytical, standardised information on occupations, including skills and aptitudes that are necessary for human resources management and career orientation.
  • ESCO enables accurate communication between organisations and individuals in the area of psychometric testing.



Ariston Psychometrics