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EU Skills Profile for Third Country Nationals

The EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals is intended for use by any services that may be offering assistance to citizens of non-EU countries and should be used in an interview situation to get to know the individual, their skills, qualifications and experiences.

The focus of the tool is to help individuals produce a profile of their skills and to help an adviser identify any recommendations or next steps. The information collected can be used to:

  • support further assessment;
  • form a basis for offering guidance;
  • identify up-skilling needs;
  • support job-searching and job-matching.


The tool is not intended as a recognition or authentication tool. The Skills Profile Tool is designed for use by public and private organisations offering services to refugees and other citizens of non-EU countries, such as national authorities responsible for reception and integration of refugees, reception centres, public employment services, education and training advisers, social services, NGOs and charitable organisations.

The multilingual nature and the structured information of ESCO allow to understand the skills and needs of migrants.


Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals