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House of Skills

About House of Skills

House of Skills is the online platform linking people to jobs, vacancies and training opportunities, using a skills-based approach, and is part of the overarching public-private partnership (PPP) House of Skills in the Netherlands.

They offer services targeted to citizens, connecting people and jobs. House of Skills develops its services in the Netherlands.

Key services

Their key services are:

  • Matching jobseekers to occupations skills-based
  • Exposing jobseekers to skill-relevant up-to-date vacancies
  • Identifying important skills gaps and offer sustainable career paths
  • Enabling employers to search for candidates skills-based

Benefits of ESCO

The main benefits of using ESCO are the following:

  • Individuals can record their acquired skills based on work history
  • Employers can define the set of skills relevant for current and future vacancies, distinguishing between essential and optional skills
  • My House of Skills platform generates a semantic similarity measure for skills-resemblance between individuals and occupations
  • Enabling skills-based suggestions for sustainable career paths and life-long-learning


House of Skills