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KEHA Center (Public Employment Service of Finland)

About KEHA Center

As the Public Employment Service of Finland, the KEHA Center manages the platform Job Market Finland with the aim to  provide personalized e-services for job matching to job seekers and employees, employers and entrepreneurs and collaborative partners (private, public and third sector organizations). 

Key services

Job Market Finland offers matching services for both jobseekers and employers, based on ESCO:

  • Jobseekers’ profiles use ESCO in describing the jobseeker’s skills, competence and occupation
  • Job postings are also described by using ESCO
  • In the close future our service will help both jobseekers and employers in describing their needed or offered skills with ESCO by using AI-based tools
  • In the close future we’ll be able to match the right services to both jobseekers and employers with ESCO as one part of the matching feature

Benefit of using ESCO

  • Matching the jobseekers’ profiles with the right job postings and vice versa
  • ESCO provides a common language for the matching and is one part of the matching algorithm


Job Market Finland