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Milch & Zucker

About Milch & Zucker

Milch & Zucker provides talent acquisition and talent management solutions, specialising in employer branding strategies and human resources software. It also operates a job board called JobStairs, which uses ESCO terminology for job matching. Its AI-Match software matches candidates’ skills against job requirements posted on Users select competence groups first, and then individual skills from the ESCO catalogue. These are then matched against the job descriptions published on JobStairs in order to give candidates a list of suitable vacancies.

Key services

Combining the ontologies and taxonomies of ESCO with the deep-learning based big-data analysis of their collection of job vacancies in German, they are able to provide services to B-2-B customers (recruiters) and to the users of their web-site “” (job seekers).

Benefits of ESCO

The main values of using ESCO are the following:

  • Semantic job search: recognizing typing errors, automatically finishing the search string based on the first few characters
  • Augmented / semantically-extended search: suggesting occupations with similar qualifications, providing thus better search results
  • Equal opportunities: helping recruiters to formulate their job postings in a gender-neutral way. Thanks to ESCO, their AI-Algorithm suggests neutral or gender-alternative names for occupations
  • Key-wording of job posting texts: extracting the relevant keywords which describe a given job posting, so that the recruiters can target and customize their web advertisements to the relevant audience

Next steps

Currently, Milch und Zucker is working on the following:

  • Augmented writing: assisting recruiters in writing better job postings, predicted to attract more qualified and fitting applicants
  • Self-improving contextual chat bot