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Peers Solutions


Peers Solutions offers services for intelligent personnel development to industrial companies regardless of their size. With the AI-based software and service solution, Peers enables companies to upskill their workforce with all skills necessary to succeed in the future. Peers Solutions' software allows customers not only to manage, track and measure learning success but also to do strategic personal planning based on the company’s needs. Peers’ mission is to support the industry in fostering their most valuable asset: their employees. Europe's industrial companies have to adapt their employees’ skills at an ever-increasing speed. Drivers of the VUCA world, such as technology shifts and the lack of skilled labour, force them to act now or lose out to the competition.


Key services

The main services provided by Peers Solutions offers key services such as:

  • Identification of individual learning paths for your employees – company’s business goals, timeline, and budget determine the right selection and combination of learning opportunities. Peers' tested AI-based algorithm finds the training, coaching, e-learning, and practical sessions that will equip your business for a secure future.
  • Employees have access to the entire education and training market. The innovative software solution connects your needs with the best offers, maximally cost-efficient and completely flexible.
  • Peers serves as a digital training consultant before leading you to the platform. The individualized competence model combines best practices with the structures in your company, both technologically and in terms of personnel.


Benefits of ESCO

Peers Solutions uses ESCO database as it offers a broad range of skills that are linked to the occupations. It helps us match the best content to the individual learners based on their job title and skillset. With the standardized database, ESCO helps us serving and understanding customers’ needs. By offering methodized system ESCO will enable Peers to grow throughout Europe.



Peers Solutions