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About Randstad

Randstad is an organisation that offers HR services to match supply and demand of labor. They are based in the Netherlands and they are active in most European countries and some other large nations around the world. Their customers are:

  • SME's and large corporations in need of HR support or personnel
  • job seekers and citizens looking for career guidance

ESCO is the basis of their skills and occupations taxonomy.


Key services

Their key services are the following:

  • Register inquiries from clients to have an understanding of their needs using ESCO skills and occupations
  • Provide clients and candidates (workers) insights into related occupations based on ESCO


Benefits of ESCO

The main value of using ESCO is that it's an standard framework for the EU and that it's available in 27 languages.


Next steps

They are planning to expand their variety of services by offering, for example, carrier-path advice based on skills.