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WCC Group

About WCC Group

WCC Group is a provider of advanced solutions for Public & Private Employment Services and ID/Security government agencies. With their search & match platform, organizations can capture, generate, and analyse big data from multiple sources, gaining insights paramount for decision-making. WCC provides job matching based on skills and competences, connecting them to the localized ESCO taxonomy.

WCC enables Public and Private Employment Services to match people with suitable and sustainable jobs. WCC's software is deployed at Public and Private Employment Services worldwide including Germany, Singapore, the Middle East and Costa Rica.


Key services

WCC's matching software utilises taxonomies such as ESCO or a combination of different knowledge models. The following services are provided:

  • Adapt ESCO knowledge model to local labor markets with WCC “taxonomy manager”
  • Help organizations to map and maintain links to local taxonomy and ESCO


Benefits of ESCO

The main value of ESCO for WCC is:

  • ESCO is a multilingual, comprehensive occupation taxonomy that includes skills and it is maintained by experts from different countries.
  • ESCO makes skills-based matching accessible for all countries with no cost.
  • ESCO can be used for skills gap analysis and upskilling of the labour force.


WCC Group