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ESCO presented in the OECD Skills Advisory Group


The meeting took place on the 20th May 2022


The European Commission was invited to provide an introduction of the ESCO green skills and present the methodology used to create the list of green concepts at the 30th Meeting of the OECD Skills Advisory Group. This is an informal group of OECD members working on different projects around the topics of skills and labour.  

The OECD is invested in supporting countries’ efforts to achieve economic growth and development while transitioning away from fossil fuels. Such support aims at planning policies and providing recommendations for the development of green skills and occupational profiles to deal with climate change (from short to long term). This includes, for example, the development of a shared definition of the green economy to distinguish green jobs and training. Following this mandate, OECD groups work both in cross-countries projects, as the studies to investigate how VET apprenticeships can effectively support the green transition, and activities targeting specific regions, as the analysis of skill needs to boost the green economy at local level in Flanders. 

The ESCO green skills and knowledge concepts provide relevant help to detect and quantify the impact of green policies on the labour market. Among different use cases, ESCO green concepts can be used to automatise the process to collect information on green skills from online sources, or to assess the inclusion of sustainable practices in learning material and training activities. The methodology presented at the OECD meeting is also available in this technical report, and shortly referenced in this video. 

If you are an ESCO implementer conducting research or building a product that supports initiatives around the green transition of the labour market, please share your story writing at or use our hashtag  #ESCO_EU  


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