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The new ESCO Portal is live and completely revamped!

The Commission has recently launched a new ESCO portal

The Commission has recently launched a new ESCO portal to improve the look and functionalities for accessing the ESCO data and ensure a smoother user experience. The newly revamped ESCO portal is thus more user-friendly, fully accessible, and aligned with the Europass and EURES websites (by using the Drupal technology).

The main changes include:

  • An improved homepage providing an overview of the main sections allowing the users to directly browse the classification, access the web API, the download section, and read more information about ESCO.
  • The classification section has been made more readable and it is easier to access information about skills and occupations.
  • The download section no longer offers a multitude of packages, one can now simply download a folder with the preferred version, language and format and it will contain everything you need.
  • More visibility for ESCO implementers, the portal now has a whole section dedicated to our implementers and use cases to facilitate networking and the exchange of best practices among ESCO implementers.
  • A publication section dedicated to research papers based on ESCO.
  • A new data science blog where our team will post the latest news about their work, all pages are enriched with interactive components which will give you a glimpse of the fascinating work they do to continuously evolve ESCO.


In the coming days, there will be a few disruptions to the functionalities available, but please rest assured we are fixing them. Our priority is to ensure that everything is working properly and you can access the classification without any problems. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Do not hesitate to share your opinion or ask any questions by writing to