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Técnicos en control de procesos





Process control technicians operate and monitor switchboards, computerized control systems and multi-function process control machinery; and maintain processing units in electrical power generation and distribution, wastewater, sewage treatment and waste disposal plants, chemical, petroleum and natural gas refineries, in metal processing and other multiple process operations.
Tasks performed usually include: operating electronic or computerized control panel from a central control room to monitor and optimize processes; controlling process start-up and shut-down; operating and monitoring switchboards and related equipment; monitoring and inspecting equipment and systems to detect malfunctions; taking readings from charts, meters and gauges at established intervals; troubleshooting and take corrective action as necessary; maintaining records, logs and reports; communicating with other personnel to assess equipment operating status; cleaning and maintaining equipment; supervising plant and machine operators, assemblers and other workers.
Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:
3131 Power Production Plant Operators
3132 Incinerator and Water Treatment Plant Operators
3133 Chemical Processing Plant Controllers
3134 Petroleum and Natural Gas Refining Plant Operators
3135 Metal Production Process Controllers
3139 Process Control Technicians Not Elsewhere Classified
In some jobs, the work of process control technicians may be combined with supervision of staff in other occupations, such as plant and machine operators and assemblers. These jobs should be classified in Minor Group 313: Process Control Technicians, unless supervision of other workers is the clearly predominant element of the work and the process control activities are relatively simple. For example, a chemical processing plant controller who operates and monitors chemical processing units and equipment from a central control room, and also supervises the activities of chemical products plant and machine operators, should be classified in Unit Group 3133: Chemical Processing Plant Controllers. A supervisor of assemblers, however, who is also responsible for start-up and shut-down of a partially automated assembly line is classified in Unit Group 3122: Manufacturing Supervisors.
Operators of single process plant and machines, or of machinery that does not involve automated control of multiple processes, are not included in Minor Group 313: Process Control Technicians. Such occupations are mainly classified in Major Group 8: Plant and machine operators, and assemblers.
All mining plant operators are classified in Unit Group 8111: Miners and Quarriers

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