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Carpinteros de armar y de obra blanca





Carpenters and joiners cut, shape, assemble, erect, maintain and repair various types of structures and fittings made from wood and other materials.
Tasks include -
(a) making, altering and repairing structural and other woodwork at a workbench or on a construction site;
(b) constructing, erecting and installing heavy-framed wooden structures on building sites;
(c) fitting, assembling and altering internal and external fixtures of buildings, such as walls, doors, door and window frames, facings and panelling;
(d) making, repairing and fitting scenic equipment for theatrical performances and motion picture or television productions;
(e) constructing, assembling, altering and repairing wooden fixtures and fittings in train coaches, aircraft, ships, boats, floats and other vehicles.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Carpenter
- Door installer
- Finish carpenter
- Framer
- Joiner
- Shipwright (wood)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Cabinet-maker - 7522
- Wheelwright - 7522

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