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Sheet metal workers make, install and repair articles and parts of articles made out of sheet metal such as sheet steel, copper, tin, brass, aluminium, zinc or galvanized iron.
Tasks include -
(a) marking sheet metal for cutting and shaping;
(b) making and repairing household utensils and other articles in tin, copper and light alloys, or ornamental articles and fittings;
(c) making and repairing boilers, tanks, vats and similar containers;
(d) installing and repairing sheet metal parts of vehicles and aircraft;
(e) converting blueprints into shop drawings to be followed in the construction and assembly of sheet metal products;
(f) determining project requirements, including scope, assembly sequences and required methods and materials, according to blueprints, drawings and written or verbal instructions;
(g) inspecting product quality and installation to ensure conformity with specifications.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Boilersmith
- Coppersmith
- Panel beater
- Tinsmith
Installers of metal roofing are classified in Unit Group 7121: Roofers. Installers of metal drains, gutters and ducts are classified in Unit Group 7126: Plumbers and Pipe Fitters. Workers who make sheet metal products for adaptation and installation by roofers and plumbers are classified in Unit Group 7213: Sheet Metal Workers.

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