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Personal services workers provide personal services related to travel, housekeeping, catering and hospitality, hairdressing and beauty treatment, animal care grooming and training, companionship and other services of a personal nature. Competent performance in most occupations in this sub-major group requires skills at the second ISCO skill level.
Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: organizing and providing services in connection with travel and sightseeing; housekeeping; preparing and serving food and beverages; hairdressing and beauty treatment; telling fortunes; embalming and arranging funerals; grooming, caring for and training animals; teaching people to drive motor vehicles; providing companionship and other personal services. Supervision of other workers may be included.
Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into the following minor groups:
511 Travel Attendants, Conductors and Guides
512 Cooks
513 Waiters and Bartenders
514 Hairdressers, Beauticians and Related Workers
515 Building and Housekeeping Supervisors
516 Other Personal Services Workers

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