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Building caretakers take care of apartment houses, hotels, offices, churches and other buildings and maintain them and associated grounds in a clean and orderly condition. They may supervise other workers and contractors depending on the size and nature of the building concerned.
Tasks include -
(a) supervising the work of cleaning, housekeeping and building maintenance staff and contractors;
(b) participating in cleaning, simple repairs and maintenance of building interiors;
(c) tending furnaces and boilers to ensure provision of heat and hot water;
(d) regulating conduct of tenants and visitors in such matters as noise abatement or misuse of property;
(e) providing small services to absent tenants such as accepting deliveries on their behalf or providing requested information to callers;
(f) notifying management and owners of buildings of the need for major repairs;
(g) patrolling buildings to ensure security is maintained;
(h) filling out registration forms and providing tenants with copies of rules.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Caretaker
- Concierge (building)
- Janitor
- Sexton

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