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Agents d’emploi et de recrutement de main-d’œuvre





Employment agents and contractors match jobseekers with vacancies, find workers for employers and contract labour for particular projects at the request of enterprises and other organizations including government and other institutions, or find places for jobseekers for a commission.
Tasks include -
(a) matching jobseekers with vacancies;
(b) finding workers for vacant posts against a commission from the employer or worker;
(c) discussing with employers the skills and other characteristics required of the workers to be employed or contracted;
(d) finding workers with appropriate skills, and undertaking the necessary formalities according to national or international regulations and requirements;
(e) ensuring that the employment contracts meet legal requirements and signing them;
(f) advising on training schemes.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Employment agent
- Job placement officer
- Labour contractor
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Careers adviser - 2423
- Occupational analyst - 2423
- Literary agent - 3339
- Musical performance agent - 3339
- Sports agent - 3339
- Theatrical agent - 3339

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