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Real estate agents and property managers





Real estate agents and property managers arrange the sale, purchase, rental and lease of real estate and property, usually on behalf of clients and on a commission basis.
Tasks include -
(a) obtaining information about properties to be sold or leased, the circumstances of their owner and the needs of prospective buyers or tenants;
(b) showing properties to be sold or leased to prospective buyers or tenants and explaining terms of sale or conditions of rent or lease;
(c) facilitating negotiations with tenants and owners on rents and fees;
(d) drawing up leasing and sale agreements and estimating costs;
(e) arranging signing of lease agreements and transfer of property rights;
(f) collecting rent and bond monies on behalf of owners and inspecting properties before, during and after tenancies;
(g) ensuring the availability of workers to perform maintenance of the properties.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Estate agent
- Property manager
- Realtor
- Salesperson (real estate)
Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
- Mortgage clerk - 4312

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