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Annual reports

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Annual report
ESCO Publications

This document is a part of internal ESCO publications designed to improve ESCO's understanding and development.


Those reports cover developments in the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations classification (ESCO) during years and the continous efforts invested in keeping ESCO up to date. Reports briefly analyse the labour market trends, the EU policy measures in place to respond to them and looks at ESCO’s potential in this context. Furthermore, it closely describes the community of ESCO implementers (and their distribution), the status of adoption and/or implementation of ESCO by the Public Employment Services and lists each organisation that uses ESCO in their services, projects or research. This provides an overview of their contribution to the interoperability and better functioning of the labour market.

The report also lists the communication activities that took place in each year and the newly designed strategy for conducting a monitoring and evaluation plan for ESCO. The report describes the activities to maintain the classification, the changes introduced and gives a special focus to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science, which is having an increasing role in keeping ESCO up to date with the current labour market trends.

Finally, the report informs about the updates in the IT ecosystem, (including the preparations for the release of a new ESCO portal) and summarises the meetings held with the ESCO governing bodies.

Annual report 2018
(1.57 MB - PDF)
Annual report 2019
(3.02 MB - PDF)
ESCO annual report 2020
(1.33 MB - PDF)
ESCO annual report 2021
(2.1 MB - PDF)