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Plemenski i seoski poglavari/plemenske i seoske poglavarke





Traditional chiefs and heads of villages perform a variety of legislative, administrative and ceremonial tasks and duties, determined by ancient traditions as well as by the division of rights and responsibilities between village chiefs and the local, regional and national authorities.
Tasks include -
(a) allocating the use of communal land and other resources among households in the community or village;
(b) collecting and distributing surplus production of the community or village;
(c) settling disputes between members of the community or village;
(d) disciplining members of the community or village for violation of rules and customs;
(e) performing ceremonial duties in connection with births, marriages, deaths, harvests and other important occasions;
(f) representing the community or village on local or regional councils;
(g) informing the community or village about government rules and regulations.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Village chief
- Village head

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