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Stručnjaci/stručnjakinje za ljudske potencijale i upravljanje karijerom





Personnel and careers professionals provide professional business services related to personnel policies such as employee recruitment or development, occupational analysis and vocational guidance.
Tasks include -
(a) advising on and performing personnel functions relating to employee recruitment, placement, training, promotion, compensation and employee-management relations or other areas of personnel policy;
(b) studying and analysing jobs performed in an establishment by various means, including interviews with workers, supervisors and management, and writing detailed position, job or occupation descriptions from information obtained;
(c) preparing occupational information or working on occupational classification systems;
(d) advising and working on the foregoing and other aspects of job and occupational analysis in such fields as personnel administration, workforce research and planning, training or occupational information and vocational guidance;
(e) studying and advising individuals on employment opportunities, career choices and further education or training that may be desirable.
Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Careers adviser
- Human resource expert
- Job analyst
- Outplacement expert
- Occupational analyst
- Personnel specialist
- Recruitment officer
- Vocational guidance counsellor

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